Thursday, 22 March 2012

Red Rice

Red rice is rarely consumed as compared to white rice, but red rice is more beneficial than white rice.
Red rice has a good benefit to the health of our body and can cure some diseases, because red rice contains many important substances such as vitamins, nutrition, natural fibers and high mineral content, phenolics selenium, magnesium, fiber and fatty acids, amino acids and so on.
  • Prevent constipation. 
  • Good for the diet.  
  • Prevent various diseases of the digestive tract.  
  • Enhance brain development.  
  • Lowering blood cholesterol.  
  • Prevent cancer and disease degenaratif.  
  • Heart healthy.  
  • Contain vitamin B1 and minerals are higher than in the white rice.
  • Very good for heart health. 
  • Not easy to hunger.
  • Rich in amino acids.
  • Can increase growth hormone in humans.

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