Thursday, 22 March 2012

Black Rice

Black rice is rare rice, due to aleurone and endosperm produce anthocyanin to high intensity so that the black colored. In terms of efficacy and nutrition, it turns out that black rice pigment has the best benefits than other colored rice. Black rice is very different than the "black sticky rice",: taste, flavor and appearance. Very specific and unique. When the rice is cooked completely black color black. It feels good and smells appetizing meal.


Increases resistance to disease
Lowering blood sugar levels (good for people with diabetes)
Repair damaged heart cells
Prevent renal dysfunction
Prevent cancer / tumors
slow down aging
As antioxidants and
Clean up of cholesterol in the blood (good for diet)
prevent anemia
Lowering blood pressure (the lower the blood pressure should use this rice to red rice mixed, the ratio 1: 1)
Against cancer and heart disease.
Increase the level of water-soluble anthocyanin antioxidants in the body.
Clean up harmful molecules, can help protect arteries and prevent DNA damage that causes cancer.

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