Saturday, 24 March 2012

Zamzam Water

The specialty of Zamzam water is irrefutable. Although every year is taken millions of people from all over the world, water sources that have never subsided. History has proven efficacy and privileges of Zamzam water from age to age. In an arid basin of black stones hill, where the rainfall is only 10 centimeters per year, theoretically absurd if it contains a clean fountain tremendous downpours, nutritious, and rich in minerals. Despite being already more than 4,000 years (since the son of Prophet Abraham was born), this fountain can still be enjoyed by all human beings until now.
The Story of Zamzam water begins in the days of Abraham's prophetic. At the time of Prophet Ibrahim to be contrary to the land of Sham at God's command was forced to leave his wife Hajar (Hagar) and baby Ismail (
Ishmael) in the barren valley of Mecca. Bag of dates and water left for them both exhausted after two days later. When thirst had reached the crown and the baby crying thirst Ismail, Hajar confused

Run across the Black Hills in search of water returned to Mount Safa and Marwah. But water is also looking to find. But on lap seven after a back and forth Safa and Marwah, Hajar slumped beside her baby. Suddenly the ground seat Ismail who was crying strongly, while stomping his feet-Snap out of water. From this story, Zamzam comes.
Zamzam water source when it is connected to a satellite photograph of the Red Sea or the Dead Sea are united towards a single point in the Kaaba. No wonder this water which never runs out uninteresting times. Zamzam water has had a very unique screening process, namely through the desert rocks and sand layers. This water contains various minerals and nutrients the body needs. Minerals and elements it is very fantastic number, approximately two thousand milligrams per liter. Among them, sodium (250), calcium (200), potassium (20), magnesium (50) sulfur (372), bicarbonate (366), nitrate (273), phosphate (0.25), ammonia clan (6).
Zamzam water has a sensitive nature, but also reactive. If you read her good words, the water will react positively. Conversely, if given bad words, then the water will also react to the nature and meaning of these words.
Prophet Muhammad explained: "Indeed, this Zamzam water is blessed, he is a food that contains nutrients". The Prophet adds: "Zamzam water is useful for what intended when drinking it. If you drink in order to recover from sickness, Allah healed him. If you drink in order to feel full, then Allah filling you. If you drink to lose your sense of thirst, Allah will relieve your thirst for it. He is Jibreel heel pressure water, drink from Allah for Ishmael ". (Daruqutni, Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Ibn Abbas from). "The best water on earth is Zamzam water. Him some food and a refreshing antidote to all ills ".

 Zamzam molecule

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