Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Wonders Of Dates

Dates is a kind of plant or Phonex dactylifera fruitful and should be eaten at any of the raw or cooked. Most of the principal of dates grown in Arab countries and have various types. Among the famous dates are dates of Mecca and Medina are said to have dozens and dozens of species. Among the population in Arab countries is their main food of dates, even among people we also have a date palm is a popular food ingredient. Besides the sweet and durable and do not need to be cooked, dates also have properties that a lot and become the main food of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Every 100 grams of dates contain 318 calories, equivalent to 315 calories per 100 grams contained by honey
Palm pollen can treat female infertility
The most important food and medicine to astronauts are dates, and that the dates are healthier than caviar
Coco palm trees is the best cleanser for the body and can protect them from diseases of the skin
If the palm is boiled and drunk like tea so she can cheer the sad
Dates barhi regarded as an elixir for youth and in it kept secret because it can activate and strengthen the neural gland
Dates are a fruit that is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, vitamin A and C and niacin.
Dates are beneficial for treating anemia due to iron with high levels
Dates to strengthen the uterus during childbirth because they contain a potent hormone pitosin regulate labor
Dates can prevent inflammation because it contains antiseptic and antirheumatic
Dates contain good levels of fiber are beneficial to help bowel movements and prevent constipation
Dates can protect colon cancer
Dates are penggugah appetite
Kinds of dates which are the lowest calorie 'ajwah Medina, razizi, and Rabi'a
The most suitable types of dates to get the ideal body is Hulwah Ha `il, for every 100 grams of it does not contain more than 67 calories
Most types of dates contains many minerals and vitamins are Rabi'a Medina containing high levels of potassium and iron
Dates is a drug for people suffering from underweight as rich single-single that does not require digestion
Dates can reduce nervous tension caused by the activity of the thyroid gland which exceed the limits
Dates can reduce extreme hunger in the fasting
Dates can prepare the stomach to receive food and prevent constipation
Dates can be launched urinary and kidney washes
Dates can clean the liver from toxins and relieve nervous unrest
Wet dates can lower blood pressure in pregnant women and postpartum normalize
Dates named by manjam (mine) because it contains many trace elements, such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, sulfur, and chlorine
Caloric content of 1 kg of dates same as the content of 1 kg of meat
Dates can maintain humidity and kebinaran eye, and sharpen the view at night
Dates can moisten the intestines, so take care of the inflammation and infection
Dates supplies the body with iron and phosphorus needed by the blood that help the process of thinking
Dates can help to soothe and conciliate the soul that is prescribed for people who are diseased nerves and temper
Dates before eating breakfast can kill the worms
Dates are considered the best food in the desert because it can be stored for long periods without damage overwritten
Among the inhabitants of the Sahara and Oasis does not have cancer, because they usually eat dates as staple food
Dates can increase sexual power

In the second half of the 20th century, experts have revealed the presence of other amino acids in palm And the most important in this acid is the antioxidant glutathione. Apparently, for 100 grams (7 dates) can provide more than 350 energy. Thus, the nutritional value of dates is almost perfect. Dates is a fortune that comes straight continuous and uninterrupted as a fortune from Allah to mankind.

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