Friday, 1 June 2012

Herbal Smoking Is Very Good

Herbal Smoking are: a paper cylinder of a length between 70 and 120 mm containing a mixture of tobacco and some active ingredients and substances that have beneficial pharmacological effects to the body. Herbal Smoking are made from several ingredients processed into a mixture of tobacco choices. Mixture is able to neutralize the content of Tar and Nicotine in Smoking Herbal products. This ingredient also acts as a potion of health therapy that is not chemical. The herb is beneficial for blood circulation, cleanse the toxins in the body, especially in the respiratory tract, throat and lungs.

Tar and nicotine content contained in Herbal Smoking are very low. Laboratory test results of the official pointed to the fact the percentage content of nicotine in Smoking Herbal products are very low even close to 0% while the results of laboratory tests for value in Herbal Cigarettes Tar show a high rate. High number of Tar in Smoking Herbal products are not measured by material weight and the amount of toxic smoking contained in Herbal Smoking, such as international measurement standards, but measured from the content of the composition of the raw herb Herbal Smoking itself. By international standards, if the Tar show a high rate it will cause the effect of heavy breathing, tightness and pain in the chest, whereas the high rate of Herbal Smoking Tar would give the effect of medical therapy, namely by helping to reduce the toxins contained in the lung lung. The toxins released in the form of mucus, making breathing became lighter.

Herbal Smoking herb itself is composed of materials that contain acids and bases, resulting ashes also contain ingredients that are beneficial. Interestingly, if the perceived gray Herbal Smoking will taste delicious, because the process of crystallization of the salt content of the part shape. This ash can be used as an external medicine that helps relieve and heal injuries or minor complaints, by sprinkling ashes on Herbal Smoking are light wounds, ulcers, heartburn, skin rashes such as exsim and help restore the wounds caused by diabetes. This is an incredible breakthrough in the industry smoking.

Herbal Smoking Ingredients:

The Green Betel Leaf

The Siwak Wood

Green Tea
Clerodendron Serratum
Efficacy and taste the typical Herbal Smoking, can be directly perceived by active smokers when they first smoked cigarettes. The most significant thing that will be felt upon awakening and in performing daily activities, your body will feel more refreshed and breath will feel lighter. This marks the rest of the toxins in the body decreases and the levels decreased.
For some smokers will feel the bitter taste in the throat and itchy, burning up, dizziness, nausea and other mild symptoms. This suggests that there are herbal ingredients in herbal Smoking is actively working to reduce to eliminate high levels of toxins in the blood, lungs and smoker's body. Reactions that occur in the body is shaped in the form of mucus discharge from the ear, nose and throat. Fluid - the liquid should always be cleaned because they contain substances that can poison the body. If dirt or toxins in the lungs and throat are too thick, mucous fluid that comes out the possibility of blood and its dirty. That suggests levels of toxins in the body very much as well as the buildup of toxins has been happening slowly for quite a long time. Due to the emergence of these reactions, it is advisable to continue to consume Herbal Smoking until symptoms appear and feel it is reduced and even disappear. 
Besides Herbal Smoking are also safe for consumption, but because of low levels of nicotine, tar content of its high herbal, Herbal Smoking smoke can also serve as a therapy for the health of nonsmokers who indirectly inhale this smoke. Herbal Smoking have long expired level. Based on the results of experiments performed, that the longer it is stored Herbal Smoking pleasure it will be more pronounced. During the storage period it would appear a few specks or spots on the trunk Herbal Smoking as a result of the reaction mixture is more mature, so the faster the working properties when consumed. Besides durability and the durability of storage Herbal Smoking will not reduce the quality, change the taste and reduce the benefits of herbal ingredients contained in it.
Benefits of herbal smoking

  • Nicotine content is low, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • The high value of Tar potion is formed from a mixture of herbal ingredients to minimize the appearance of lung disease and respiratory tract.
  • Neutralize the harmful substances contained in tobacco.
  • Help cure Diabetes, Liver, Stomach, Digestive, Kidney and Impotence.
  • Cigarette smoke contains herbal able to neutralize the toxins contained in the blood and organs.
  • Normalize blood pressure, help cure drug addiction, Marijuana and Alcoholic Drinks.
  • Lower levels of cholesterol, uric acid, and Blood Sugar.
  • Help alleviate and cure disease and polyps Herbalusitis.
  • Which serves as Gurah remove toxins found in the lungs and blood through which fluids out of the mouth, nose and ears.
  • Alleviate and cure asthma.  
Because of it reacts with chemicals, some of the things that may happen during or after suck Herbal Smoking:

  • Unpleasant body, dizziness, sore throat, some parts of the body feels tired, stomach pains, indicate the number of chemicals in the body so we need to avoid and manage a healthy diet.
  • Only with 3 or 5 suction Herbal Smoking already feel a change in the body. Reaction ingredients work so that the blood circulation may result in little bodies "goose bumps" or a headache that lasted a few moments, after which the body feels warm and fresh.
  • Eye pain when exposed to smoke Smoking Herbal tired eyes and indicate the amount of air pollutants that enter the eye, in this herb works to normalize the condition of the eye and have a rest.
  • The mouth was sour herbs work to normalize indicate acidity and need to take food and drink consumed.
  • The mouth feel is creamy and always wet, because the herb works to maintain and normalize the production of enzymes and humidity mouth and throat.


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