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Beef has a high nutrition, good taste and beneficial to human body if the meat is good and healthy. Beef is preferred due to its high nutrition and taste delicious and tasty. Beef is nutritious, beneficial for the human body and have a good taste of the meat obtained is only good and healthy.

The signs of good beef and healthy:

  • Beef comes from a healthy cow, worthy piece, and slaughtered the right way.
  • Natural-colored flesh, which is slightly yellowish red.
  • Typical smell of beef.
  • Beef is looking smooth and solid.
  • Fibrous flesh is smooth and slightly greasy.
  • Yellowish fat.
Beef bad means unhealthy and should not be consumed / eaten, because it will affect ugly to the human body. The signs meat that is ugly as follows: a bluish color, foul smelling (broken), the fat is soft, slimy, fly infestation, and where gross sales.

Preservation beef
To get a good beef and preservation need to be healthy, with the goal of slowing or preventing damage / decay that causes the decline in the quality of beef. One way of preserving beef is done by cooling.

Cooling performed immediately after the animals are slaughtered, so that does not quickly decay, and how: the meat is stored in a room temperature of 2-4 degrees (2-4) below 0 degrees Celsius (0 C), the meat will hold for 6 (six) days. While freezing is done by: the meat is stored in temperatures below 20-30o 0o C, the meat will hold for some time over 6 days.

Nutritional content of beef
Nutrition is a substance or chemical compounds found in food that are beneficial to growth and human health. Each food has a nutrient content varying both the number and type. Even fellow food was there a different number, for example, for beef has the highest protein content compared with other animal flesh. According to the Ministry of Health (1981), each 100 grams of beef contains 207 calories kkcl, 18.8 grams protein, 14.0 grams fat, 11 mg calcium, phosphorus 170 mg and 2.8 mg iron.

Benefits of beef for human body
Every 100 grams of beef contains 18.8 grams of protein. Protein from beef is called animal protein having an amino acid structure similar to humans, can not be made ​​by the body (essential) amino acid composition is relatively more complete and balanced. The digestibility of animal protein is better than vegetable protein (from plants). In the body of a living creature like a human, the protein is a constituent part of the organs, such as muscle, skin, hair, heart, lungs, brain, and others.

The function of proteins that are important to the human body, among other things:

  • growth
  • repair of damaged cells
  • as plasma-forming material glands, hormones and enzin
  • partly as an energy reserve, if the carbohydrate as the main energy source is not sufficient
  • maintain acid-base balance of blood.
Children who frequently eat food containing animal protein would appear to grow faster, have a strong immune system, and intelligent than children who rarely eat high protein foods. Rapidly growing body characterized by local, fresh and fatter and higher. While having a strong immune system is usually characterized by infrequent sickly or many activities and active / agile.

In addition to these proteins, fats are also beneficial to the human body, namely as a store of energy / power. Fat contained in beef serves as a solid source of energy for the human body, each gram of fat produces energy by 9 kcal. Addition of fat to function well for the human body to conserve protein and thiamin, as well as create a longer sense of satiety. 

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