Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tinospora Crispa

This plant is believed to cure fever, hepatitis, arthritis, diabetes, malaria, and increased appetite. In addition, often used for external treatment, for example to overcome injuries, scabies, and sore. Bitter but useful. Parts of plants used as medicine are the stems and leaves. Both parts of the plant is usually boiled with some water and produces the fluid that tastes very bitter. Tinospora crispa bitter flavor compounds produced by pikroretin.

Tinospora crispa also contains alkaloids, soft resin, starch, glycosides pikroretosid, Harsha, berberine, and palmatin. While in the roots contain the alkaloid berberine and kolumbin.
This plant grows in the altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. Plants belonging to the family Menispermaceae is growing vines and thrive in the tropics. Trunk size of your little finger with the skin-nodule berbintil. The leaves are rounded with a long pointy toes 7-12 cm and 5-10cm wide.

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