Friday, 22 June 2012


Pineapple fruit contains vitamins A and C of sodium iron magnesium potassium calcium phosphorus dextrose and sucrose enzyme of bromelain.

Efficacious as an anti-inflammatory enzymezz Bromelain helps soften the food in the stomach and can inhibit cancer cell growth. The fiber content can facilitate defecation in patients with constipation.

Some properties have been ripe pineapple which is as follows:

Cleaning the dead skin tissue which
Interfere with cancer cell growth
Can reduce gastric acid out superfluous
Aid in digestion of food in the stomach
Urinary laxative / diuretic
Inhibits platelet clumping.

Some diseases which can be cured with pineapple:

Inflammation of the skin
Worms digestive laryngitis Beriberi lose weight.
Pineapple leaves (wash and finely smeared on the sick): For itching of burns and ulcers
Anti Dandruff.

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