Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mulberry Plants

Benefits of Mulberry plants:

Young mulberry leaves

In the consumption of nutritious to launch a fart, sweat, urine, cools the blood, Relieves fever, vision lights, lowering high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus Overcome, Increase breast milk, Overcome digestive disorders, high cholesterol, skin pain, elephant feet, headache, cough, Fever and Malaria.

Mulberry fruit
strengthen the kidneys, increase blood circulation, overcome sleeplessness, cough with phlegm, loss less, constipation in the elderly, sore throat, muscle pain and less blood.

Mulberry root bark
Asthma, facial swelling, urinary pain and toothache.

Mulberry Leaves
Rheumatism, back pain, cramps, high blood pressure and nourish hair growth.

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