Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Body Needs Nutrition

The body has many important purposes which are not negotiable and can not be overlooked, including:

  • Protein. Found in some foods such as milk and meat. Function for the development and growth.
  • Sugar, starch, and oil. Sugar found in honey and fruits. starches and oils found in bread, butter, cheese, oil and all kinds. This substance serves to Provide backup power to add spirit to the body and carry out various tasks in life. Affect the vitality of the body quickly so as not to limp and lackluster.
  • Salt, a metal, and vitamins. This substance is found in milk, meat and fruits. Serves to keep the body in order not to disease. Assist the implementation of the duties and regulate the body's life processes.
  • Water. No one can live without water.

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