Sunday, 3 June 2012

Clerodendron Serratum

Plants "Clerodendron Serratum" has chemical properties contained in the leaves, bark and root bark. Leaf "Clerodendron Serratum" contain chemicals, including potassium, less sodium, alkaloids, flavones and flavonoids. Leaf "Clerodendron Serratum" is a bitter, spicy, and cool. Bark "Clerodendron Serratum" contains triterpenoid compounds, acids oleanolat, queretaroat acid, and acid serratogenat. While the root bark contains phenolic glycosides, mannitol, and sitosterol. Pharmacological effects "Clerodendron Serratum" owned plant leaves is a medical infusion and leaves "Clerodendron Serratum" in vitro study can destroy kidney stones.

Water extracts of plants "Clerodendron Serratum" active as anti-HIV in vitro. "Clerodendron Serratum" plants identified with a famous traditional treatment methods, namely "gurah". "Gurah" is believed to help treat various diseases associated with airway, such as cough, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma. Included also make the airways more loosely so that would enhance the sound. "Clerodendron Serratum" plant parts that are usually used to gurah is the root and leaves.

Efficacy "Clerodendron Serratum" plants include:
Cure cough, cold, dust allergies, runny nose, sinusitis, shortness of breath (asthma), bruises, rheumatism,; Inflammation of the airways (bronchitis), bone fracture (invoice), ulcers, abdominal edema, intestinal worms, malaria, provide energy after birth , bitten by a snake, clear sound and lengthen the breath.

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