Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Tangerine (Citrus Nobilis Lour) grow tropical and subtropical regions. Citrus species is popular in the community. If it is ripe fruit is sweet and liked nearly all age groups. In addition to delicious fruit is consumed as a refreshing, citrus tangerine is also beneficial to health. Even his skin was able to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Chemical content: alkoida (leaves and fruit skins), polyphenols (leaves and fruit skins), flavonoids (root), essential oil (leaves and fruit skins), saponins (root)

Nutrition: vitamin C, minerals iron, calcium, sugar, acid setrat.

Nutrient content in the tangerine possible as enhancing the body's defenses against cancer, fight infection firal, lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure, can strengthen and provide nutrients to the lungs, spleen repair, helps stop the cough and remove phlegm. Research shows that tangerine skin can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

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