Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Stages Of Herbal Ingredients

Herb therapy destination are: to restore balance to the body and not just to cure the disease. Therefore, herbal therapies usually require a longer time than treatment with the use of synthetic chemical drugs that tend to be symptomatic (only treat the symptoms of pain or relief of pain only).

Phase herbs work can be divided into 4 stages:
  1. Release (remove). In this process, all or toxic poisons that accumulate in the body will be removed. This process is often known also by the term detoxification.
  2. Relax (rest). After the detoxification process (release / expenditure poison), the next stage is relaxing. In this stage the body is placed in a stable condition in which the state of temperature, alkali (base), and acid is in the best stage, in order to assist the functioning of the immune system.
  3. Regeneration (replace with a new one). At this stage, the cells are dead or damaged cells are replaced with new ones, where the herbs with antiaging antioxidant can act as the prevention of degenerative diseases.
  4. Refunction (return function): After the above process is running perfectly, then the organs will function normally again, as created by Allah.

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