Friday, 25 May 2012

The History Of Honey

Honey has been used by humans since centuries ago. At the time of ancient Egypt, honey has become a household goods daily. Even in those days, the Egyptian society to appreciate the high price of honey with a very even match the price of the scarce currency. In a traditional ceremony, even if they also use honey to feed to animals to be sacrificed to the gods. Even before that humans have used honey since many centuries before the Egyptians it was borne out in Africa and Spain there is a cave man image while collecting honey bees were no pictures circling above them. Here is a history of honey from BC to after AD:
Year 7000 BC: The cave Africa and Spain there are pictures of people gathering honey from the cracks in rocks and trees while bees circled above them.
Year 3000 BC: The Egyptian honey in use by most people as a sweetener. The value of honey is very high, even frequently used as a means of payment.
Year 2100 BC: Honey mentioned in Sumerian writings and Babylonya, Hittie code, and the writings of India and Egypt, as well as the estimated age older than that.
Year  2100 BC: English "honey" is thought to have originated from the German 'Honig'.
Year  2000 BC: Egypt is to maintain the bees in an artificial nest.
Year 1650 BC: Egyptians used honey as a component (along with animal fats and fiber plants) to treat wounds, as written evidence in the Smith Papyrus.
Year 1100 : German Beer sweetened honey.
Year 1100 : the German Peasants pay taxes in the form of honey and beeswax.
Year 1600: The Spaniards found that the natives of Mexico and Central America have developed a method of beekeeping to produce honey.
Year 1638: The Europeans introduced European honey bees to New England.
Year 1638: Found evidence of documentation of honey bees in North America.
Year 1822: The honey bee was introduced into Australia.
Year 1842: The honey bee was first introduced to New Zealand.
Year 1850: The honey bee was brought to California by colony hybridization original figure to increase production.
2005: New Zealand has 320 000 hives that produce seasonal harvest of approximately 8600 tons of honey.

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