Saturday, 26 May 2012


Why is "Bee Hive" Hexagon Shaped? Because in this case the bees build their nests by compiling from different angles. Usually from four different points and meet in the middle. In a very small error rate without even the slightest error. Hexagon-shaped nest is the best form because in this case the bees store honey in bulk. The use of raw materials was a little wax. The bees made ​​a nest cavity with each other behind always made ​​with 13-degree slope on his side and above. With the intention that the honey does not spill that has been stored in the storage period.

And why not a beehive made ​​in another form? Because if in another form will form the gaps in between the bag with another bag and also requires a lot of bees wax feedstock in the manufacture of these nests.

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