Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bee Pollen

Pollen is a food that contains protein. Nutrients to be lost if handled incorrectly. Pollen are easily contaminated with bacteria and fungi. The pollen is harvested during the day because at that time is not too humid air conditions so that pollen can be kept in dry conditions. Pollen that had been collected and stored in airtight bottles.
Fresh pollen can lose nutrients within a few days if kept in a temperature 30-32'C. the decomposition of such nutrients can be inhibited by storing pollen in the air. Such a way that could make a 1-year-old pollen. Heating destroys vitamins C and other important enzymes in the pollen.

Pollen is dried to reach moisture content 10% (preferably 5%) with temperatures less than 45'C, protected from direct sun and kept in a temperature 30-32'C can last up to several months. Pollen quality can be maintained for 1 year if stored in a cooler temperature 5 - (-15) 'C. Thus, the pollen should be stored in a dark bottle, then placed in a cool room and cold.
 Pollen could be kept in a room with the degree of humidity of 10%. Or a range between 5-8%. It would be better if the pollen is stored in a cabinet that is equipped with a heating lamp. The recommended lamp power is 20W. Room temperature should not exceed the range 40-50'C. Bolen Polen not exposed to direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight can damage the nutrients in the pollen. When the pollen is dried by the sun, should be done with the help of the cover.

Benefits of Bee Pollen

Because it has properties as cell development, self-reinforcing, then the utility from consumption of Bee Pollen is very important for health care, optimization of stamina (no fatigue) and increased endurance as a whole, both the seeds of disease and to physical and psychological stress (psychiatric). Therefore it is no exaggeration when Bee Pollen benefits for healthy individuals, among others:

Support the growth and development, especially brain tissue cells.
The addition of nutrients for pregnant and lactating women.
Increasing the concentration of power to think and good for children, teens, school age and adults.
Improve stamina for sports fans, to achieve the highest performance.
Enhance immunity against various attacks germs.
As the body's metabolic system stabilizers.
To maintain the reproductive system of both men and women.

For patients with the disease, the benefits of Bee Pollen became the restorer of the various disorders which include:
Recovery of fatigue, physical or spiritual.
Tackling the problem of lost appetite due to various diseases.
Tackling malnutrition.
Inhibiting the process of aging (degeneration) that early.
Overcome the obstacles associated with cardiac abnormalities.
Help with the blood vessels (narrowing, and flexibility).
Tackling the issue of blood (anemia).
Help restore the digestive system disorders (including chronic diarrhea, difficult bowel movements, intestinal infections).
Helping the lack of visibility due to malnutrition.
Joint problems.
Other problems such as skin disorder caused by deficiency of nutrients.

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