Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Carrots are the vegetable plants can be planted throughout the year. Mountainous areas, especially with the cold temperatures and damp. Carrot plants need sunlight and can grow in all seasons. Carrot sticks have a bunch of wet leaf midrib (leaf stalks) that arise from the base of the fruit of the top (root tuber), similar to celery.

Carrots contain vitamin A are high. Vitamin A and Beta carotene is sometimes - sometimes prescribed for the same thing, because beta carotene is converted in the body into vitamin A. Beta carotene is itself included in the class have been identified karotenoida and there are more than 600 different types of carotenoids. Among other well-known world of health is carotene, lutein, and lycopene. Beta carotene is an important part of the carotenoids. If the body is the body's intake of beta carotene to form vitamin A as needed by the body so that eating carrots makes a safe way to get vitamin A.

Here are Some Health Benefits of Carrots for:
Prevent heart disease
Prevent cancer
Macular degeneration: This is a common eye disease elderly. It damages the macula. The study found that people who ate the most Beta-carotene has a risk of lower forty percent of macular degeneration compared with those who consumed the least.
Improve eyesight
Carrots have antiseptic qualities and therefore, can be used as a laxative, vermicide and as a medicine for heart conditions. Carrot oil good for dry skin. By eating the carrots It makes the skin softer, smoother and firmer. Carrot juice also increases stomach and digestive health.

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