Friday, 18 May 2012

Goat Meat

* The only way to kill the goat of the most secure is the slaughter The other way other than slaughter are dangerous. *

If you suffer from low blood then eat goat meat, joking that's how many people will benefit goat meat. But for those who have high blood pressure beware of the goat.

Goat meat is more healthful than other meats. In 100 grams of goat meat contained 154 calories, 9.2 mg of fat, 3.6 mg of saturated fat. In addition, goat meat is also a source of iron, vitamin B, choline, and selenium best. However, fat goats would have a higher percentage of cholesterol when compared with chicken or beef. Thus, it is better to consume goat meat under the age of 6 months even though the price may be slightly more expensive.

The average for those who have low blood diseases, recommended 2 days to eat goat meat, especially the heart to increase blood pressure. I have found no medical test on the subject, but has a lot of evidence that eating goat meat can increase blood pressure.

Analysis results indicate that goat meat has 50% less fat than beef and 45% lower than the lamb.

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