Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shark Cartilage

Since a long time, scientists believed that the fish sharks immune to cancer and tumors. What is the difference Sharks with another fish? Sharks are not thinking about it turns out the bones (hard). Shark skeleton composed entirely of cartilage

Eating shark fin is believed to prevent aging skin, and the gelatin contained in the shark fin is also believed to increase vitality. The results of the study showed there were six or seven proteins in shark cartilage that has the ability to anticipate and prevent the growth of cancer in the blood vessels.
And metastatic cancer (cancer that spreads to other organs) can not be enlarged without a support network of blood vessels. Tumor growth depends on the emergence of new blood vessel growth. And growth of new blood vessels, normally does not apply to adults. Shark cartilage is a non-toxic material that is very effective to prevent the growth of new blood vessels.

Calcium and phosphorus content is high in shark cartilage is due to the calcification process that occurs in cartilage, especially the cartilage behind. Although the protein that acts as an anti-angiogenesis partially dissolved with calcium, fosforis, carbohydrates and the other, but this solution turned out to play an important role in preventing disease. Mukopolosakarida contained in imunity carbohydrates stimulate the body's systems and work in synergy with disease-fighting proteins in organic calcium and phosphorus when used by the body as nutrients.

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