Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat is tender, soft fiber, and taste delicious. Bone in rabbits is thinner, delicate flesh, and short fiber so easy to chew. Rabbit meat has some health benefits:

Rabbit meat curing excessive dizziness, increased stamina, and rabbit brain can fertilize a woman's womb. Rabbit meat efficacious to cure asthma. Ketotifen content in rabbit meat to be an alternative for people with asthma. Molecular compounds contained in this meat can cure asthma. The most effective lies in the hearts of rabbits. In order to maintain nutrient levels and content of this kitotefin, is best cooked with boiled systems.

Other benefits of rabbit meat can be solve: throat infection, antibodies, Liver / Heart, fertility (the head or brain). Cholesterol. Virility (penis and testicles). and various other benefits ... 

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