Sunday, 8 July 2012

Enlarge The Breast

Materials needed to enlarge the breast are: 2 Mangosteen fruit, 10 grams of green algae, ¼ Papaya fruit.

Method of Construction:
  • Take the skin of the mangosteen fruit and wash and dry. After that, break the skin of the mangosteen fruit by way of pulverized, blended, or shredded. 
  •  Wash the ¼ papaya fruit with warm water, then puree in blender or shredded.
  •  Combine green algae, which has been crushed mangosteen peel, and papaya also been refined in a container and then mix evenly.
  •  Spread the dough for 30 minutes before a shower, then wash.
  •  You can also add a scrub and honey to soften the skin and remove dead skin around your breasts.
  •  Do not forget to frequently eat papaya every day.
Papaya fruit is selected as a mixture of dough because papaya contain enzymes that can tighten and plumping your breasts. Papaya is also fortified with vitamin A hormone fasteners and female hormones that stimulate spending and stimulate the ovaries secrete hormones estrogen and progesterone. Mammary glands of these hormones will be smooth and shape of the ideal breast. 


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