Saturday, 21 July 2012

Curcuma Mangga

Curcuma mangga or white turmeric has a wide range of chemical constituents, including tannins, starch, curcumin, essential oil, sugar, saponins, resins, flavonoids, and the toxic protein. Useful for:

Inhibit cancer cell growth.
Narrow the female organs.
Help treat itching in the area of ​​femininity.
Strengthening sexual desire.
Useful as an antipyretic (fever).
Treating pain shortness of breath (asthma).
Treating inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract (bronchitis).
Useful as an antitoxin (antidote).
Helps reduce fat in the abdomen.
Increase appetite.
Useful as a laxative (laxative).
Treat fever, colds, bloating, etc..

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