Friday, 13 July 2012

Luwak Coffee

Luwak coffee, different from the coffee in general. Luwak coffee has a limited number, let alone a wild Luwak coffee. For the civet, the coffee is just as dessert course. Civet, just pick the best coffee beans from the best. When the ripe coffee beans given to civet in a tray, at best civet will only take 10-30% .

Because the civet consumed is the best coffee beans, then the beans are excreted in the feces civet, is the best. Coffee beans through a process of natural fermentation in the stomach civet. Digestion is quite unique civet, civet can not digest the seeds that have high levels of density tertenu, one of which is coffee beans. So that the beans come out with the feces civet is still intact. Because the civet consumed is the best coffee beans, then the beans are excreted in the feces was the best civet. The quality of coffee beans that come through the fermentation of the same quality as civet coffee beans that have been in ferment for 5-8 years. The coffee beans are washed, dried, and roasted before consumption.

Original Luwak coffee has caffeine content is very low, about 0.5% down. Low caffeine is due to the fermentation that occurs in the stomach civet. Good bacteria in the stomach civet is able to reduce protein in the beans, and is able to parse the structure of caffeine in coffee beans, so as to create a unique aroma and flavor. It is perfectly safe to be consumed by people with heart disease and ulcers.

Luwak coffee fermentation process derived from the enzymes and good bacteria in the stomach Luwak coffee beans in fermentation makes perfect. Enzymes in the stomach civet is able to reduce protein levels in coffee beans, so the level of bitterness in coffee civet coffee was not as bitter as usual. Because the protein content of coffee is what makes the coffee bitter.

Benefits of Luwak coffee

Prevent neurological diseases
Caffeinated coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Content of antioxidants in coffee will prevent cell damage associated with Parkinson's. While caffeine will inhibit inflammation in the brain, which is often associated with Alzheimer's.

Protect the teeth
Kaein coffee containing antibacterial and non-stick ability, so as to maintain a layer of bacteria that cause tooth gnawing holes. Drinking a cup of coffee each day is proven to prevent the risk of oral cancer by half. Compounds found in coffee can also limit the growth of cancer cells and damage DNA.

Reduce the risk of breast cancer
Approaching the menopause, women who consumed four cups of coffee a day reduced their risk of breast cancer by 38 percent, according to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition. Release copies of phytoestrogens and flavonoids that can withstand the growth of tumors. However, consumption of less than 4 cups will not get this benefit.

Prevent gallstones
Gallstones grow when the mucus in the gallbladder cholesterol crystals trapped. Xanthine, which is found in caffeine, will reduce the risk of mucus and storage. Two cups of coffee or more each day will help this process.

Protect the skin
Consumption of 2-5 cups of coffee a day can help lower the risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer by 17 percent. Caffeine can stimulate the skin to kill the precancerous cells, and also stop tumor growth.

Prevent diabetes
now who consumed 3-4 cups of regular coffee or decaf coffee (with caffeine levels are reduced) will reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes by 30 percent. Chlorogenic acid may help prevent insulin resistance, which is a sign of this disease.

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