Monday, 9 April 2012

Dutch Teak / Guazoma Ulmifolia

Dutch teak / Guazuma Lamk ulmifolia, is a plant that grows well in tropical climates, the trunked hard branched, woody stems are round with a rough surface, and greenish brown. The leaves are oval-shaped green with jagged edges, rough surfaces, the tip rucing, base notched. The flowers, yellow, fragrant and has a red dot in the middle, and appeared in the armpit leaves. The fruit of this plant are round, hard, has five rooms, an uneven surface is green when young and turn brown-black after dark.

Leaves, fruits, seeds and bark of the plant part that can be used as a medicine. In general, the main substances contained from all parts of the plant are tannins and musilago. Other content of the resin, flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic acids, bitter substances, carbohydrates, caffeine, terpenes, also compounds - compounds such as sterols, beta-sitosterol, friedelin-3-alpha-acetate, friedelin-3-beta-ol, alkoloida as well as carbohydrates and fatty oils.

Tannins are plentiful in the leaf, can reduce the absorption of food in a way that no precipitating protein in the mucosal surface of the intestine. Meanwhile, in the form of mucus musilago act as a lubricant. Given musilago, intestinal absorption of food can be reduced. This is the reason many Dutch teak that leaves used as medicine and slimming stomach shrinkage. In the process, the leaves Dutch teak is also widely used to treat diseases  rheumatic, gout, cholesterol, and elephantiasis.



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