Friday, 13 April 2012

The Reed Root

Reed? Yes, everyone already knows this grazing plants. But the matter of usefulness? This plant is known to many as a weed, growing sod with creeping shoots in the ground. Height can reach 30-180 cm, easy to breed, have rhizomes that grow stiff spreading. The stem is solid, his or ruasnya haired rare.

The flowers are long contract with 6-30 cm, white and has very small seeds about 1 mm and dark brown. Flowers or seeds are smooth and easy hair in the wind. Plants that can live at an altitude of 1-2700 meters above sea level.

Savor the reeds so much as a remedy for various health problems, such as kidney stones, kidney infections, bladder stones, gall stones, urinating is not smooth or continuous, the urine contains blood, prostate, leucorrhoea, whooping cough, cough blood, nosebleeds, bleeding in women, fever, measles, hepatitis, hepatitis, high blood pressure, nervous weakness, asthma, pneumonia, coronary heart disease, indigestion, diarrhea, etc..

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