Thursday, 26 April 2012


The fruit has a sweet taste is spicy and warm aromatic smell. Some of the chemicals contained in such Fennel 0.3-6% essential oils, fanchom, methyl, chavicol, and anise ketone. In addition Fennel also contains chemical compounds such as kamfena, limonena 1.8 sineol, arginine, dianethole, routine, and stigmasterol.

Pharmacological effects of which are owned by the fennel increase endurance, cold medicines, anti-kholinesterase, overcoming premature ejaculation, erection stimulating, anesthetic, stimulates perspiration, reinforcing the liver and central nervous stimulants, prevent infertility, strengthen the viability of sperm, the trigger of the hormone androgen , weakens the potential of sperm, stimulates estrogen secretion, pep and vitality,
Gallstones, Thrush, Prevention and cure impotence, tumors and cancer prevention.

Fennel also play a role in inhibiting the Aldose-reductase enzyme spending, phosphodiesterase and lipoksiginase. In addition fennel can also slow aging, stimulates ovulation, nelindungi dam from disturbance and liver toxicity (antihepatotoksik). Stigmasterol in fruit of fennel can be used as raw material for steroid hormones. Fennel is also commonly used as fragrances, flavors complement or drugs (corrigens) and a natural preservative of food with no side effects.


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