Monday, 16 April 2012

Olive Oil Shampoo

Olives are the plants used by humans for thousands of years ago. Naturally so, because this plant is rich with benefits for health and beauty treatments body member. One of the special benefits of olive help maintain hair health and beauty.

Empirically useful olive oil to make hair more healthy, fresh, smooth and shiny. These natural ingredients help to cleanse the hair while providing treatment for the scalp, so avoid the disturbance of health. Besides also cope with hair loss, hair strengthening and hair overcome damage.

Olive oil + Aloe vera:
Useful breed and nourish hair.


Olive oil + Centella asiatica:
Softens and prevents hair loss.

Olive oil + Ginseng:
Reduce hair loss and strengthen the hair roots.


Olive oil + Sea cucumber:
Maintaining the beauty and hair health.

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