Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lansium Domesticum Corr

Lansium Domesticum Corr or Langsat or Lanzones, generally have the large trees, dense with bright green foliage. Granules large fruit, round, have the skin rather thick, but not sticky when cooked, small seed, thick fleshy, sweet taste and the fruit skin is brown.

  • Contain dietary fiber is beneficial for the digestive system, prevent cancer of the colon and cleanse the body from cancer-causing free radicals.  
  • In addition to the fresh fruit Lansium Domesticum healthy, the skin of the fruit and seeds are also useful for anti-diarrhea medicine raw materials and reduce fever.
  • The bark can also be used to treat venomous insect bites and dysentery medicine.  
  • Some people also believe, Lansium Domesticum tree parasites can treat and eradicate cancer cells.
    some parts of the plant are also useful as a support on traditional medicine, such as worming, fever, dysentery, malaria, diarrhea, and even a mosquito repellent.
  • Lansium Domesticum the bitter fruit seeds can be crushed and mixed with water to cope with worms and fever. 
  • Lansium Domesticum can be used to overcome dysentery and malaria. Fruit skin can also be used as a cure diarrhea. In addition, the skin of the fruit is also used to repel mosquitoes with dried and then burned.

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