Saturday, 25 February 2012

Do you want to have a healthy slim body naturally?

The facts have proven that obesity is no longer a symbol of prosperity, but it is a symbol of many diseases, therefore, has a slender body naturally healthy now. An easy way that you just adjust your diet right...

  1. Add the vegetables in the daily menu.
    If you want to have a slim healthy body naturally, the vegetable mandatory part of your daily menu, it now also begin to change your daily menu with a menu rich in vegetables. Not a problem for those who consume rice daily menu, but limit the amount, only 1/3 part of the portion and the remaining part of the vegetable.
  2. Choosing a varied menu of food in small portions.
    Consuming small amounts of food but good quality, is one technique to achieve a healthy body naturally thin. Chewing and biting repeated many times and the food slowly in your mouth. This is a very helpful process of digestion in the stomach later. Before you eat the main course first drink two glasses of water (400 ml).
  3.  Avoid the packaged foods whenever possible.
    Choose and fresh foods. Choose materials fresh ingredients to be used as processed foods, and avoiding packaged foods whenever possible. Choose soup as an appetizer, the use of red onion, garlic, green beans, carrots, various mushrooms, green tomatoes and cabbage. Reducing the use of spices and salt, and eat a high carbohydrate content of the material has small meals.
  4. Replace meat with fish
    Freshwater fish dishes or seafood dish of water is a substitute for meat (beef, poultry, goats) to get a lean body is naturally healthy, freshwater fish and saltwater fish have good nutrition for the body, ie: protein, fat, vitamins and minerals . Content of omega-3 fatty fish may reduce the risk of heart disease, and lowers blood cholesterol.

  5.  Replacing carbonated drinks with water
    Try to avoid carbonated drinks that contain high sugar, soda have adverse effects on the body guard yourself not to drink too much, replace with water that has the function of neutralizing the body.
  6.  Replace cow milk with soy milk
    Soy milk, although it is less tasty than cow's milk but its nutrient content can be said about the same, but the benefits of soy milk in the diet because they contain isoflavones compounds that have special effects on the body.

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