Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Benefits of Celery

Celery root stimulate the digestive enzymes efficacious laxative urine (diuretic), while the fruit or seeds as a reliever spasms (antispasmodics), lower blood uric acid levels, anti-rheumatic, laxative urine (diuretic), laxative fart (carminative), aphrodisiac, and tranquilizers (sedatives ).

Smelling aromatic herbs, sweet, slightly spicy, and its cool. Potent tonic herbs, triggering digestive enzymes, lowers blood pressure (hypotensive), stop bleeding, menstrual laxative, laxative fart (carminative), issued a high blood uric acid, blood purifier and improves the function of hormones is disrupted.

Leaves efficacious for the treatment of:
High blood pressure, a sense of spinning accompanied by headaches, swollen legs due to fluid accumulation, Cold, nausea, colic, diarrhea, gout, rheumatism, gout, bronchitis, cough, dry eyes, no appetite, allergies, Diabetes bleeding, menopausal complaints, menstrual disorders, and hair fertilizer

Root efficacious for the treatment of:
High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, fat-containing urine, and colic.

Seeds efficacious for the treatment of:
rheumatic gout, and uric acid high blood pressure, bronchitis, asthma, diseases of the blood and spleen, colic, and abdominal pain after childbirth.

Boil 30-40 leaves in water and drink boiled water.


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