Monday, 6 August 2012


 Nut-grass has many health benefits. The part used is root. The benefits of nut-grass, among others:

In case of fresh, crushed bulbs and affixed to the beverage as a remedy water edema, urinary stones.
The water decoction of root is commonly used as a menstrual regulator, heals whitish.
Nut-grass is a sedative, antispasmodic, soften the stool and accelerate blood clotting in the wound.
Facilitate Breast milk.
In the modern alternative medicine, the use of nut-grass tubers intended to overcome vomiting, fever and inflammation, reduce pain and to reduce muscle tension.
Bulbs puzzle also has properties as antihelmintik (worming), anti-bacterial, astringensia. The effect is calming helps to overcome depression. Puzzles can also help treat a variety of cervical cancer.
Although it tastes bitter, but the bulbs puzzle has a high nutrient content, and mineral resources traceelement (additional element) is important so that people often use it as a food ingredient.

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