Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Healing Without Medicine

Medicine is a substance that is used to reduce, eliminate or cure the disease a person from the disease. Treatment has been known since antiquity, even the prophets also have a special way in terms of treatment.

Healing of the sick person is the absolute power of Allah (God), not man's power. Because the disease comes from Allah, Allah will surely lower the cure.

Healing without medicine, that is: healing without chemicals or medicine of modern medicine. But with alternative treatments, which can be accepted teachings of Islam. Or in other words, can be cured without the use of modern medicine developed in the medical field.

Natural defenses are much more important than medication.

In some diseases, sometimes it does not need medication. In other words, can be cured without the use of medicines. Because actually, the human body has its own antibodies or defense against a disease. Normally the body's defense is better than using drugs. Some diseases are cured by itself, such as influenza and colds.

To help the body to fight, fight and overcome the disease, should be prioritized and considered three things. Namely: personal hygiene, drinking plenty of rest and eat well.

Even in severe disease, who are in need of medicines; body itself must overcome the disease. Medications only help him. Personal hygiene, adequate rest and eat a good drink, remains a top priority. Some of the ways of health, is not and should not be dependent on the use medicine.

Even though we live in areas without modern medicine, many things can be done to prevent and treat various diseases which are common.

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