Thursday, 6 September 2012

Black Seed Has A Special Weapon To Fight Disease?

"Indeed there is a healer in black seed for all diseases except death"
(Bukhari: 5688, Muslim 2215)
In the depiction of the immune system can be established that black cumin / blcak seed / (Nigella sativa) is the only structure that has a special weapon to fight all kinds of diseases. Because paghocytosis cells engulf germs that attack, he brought to the surface antigenic, then stick with lymph cells, to know how the microbial composition in detail, and ordered each cell T-lymphocytes to produce antibodies or T-specific, especially the antigenic also raised to produce. The cell walls of B-lymphocytes has approximately 100 thousand molecules of the anti-bodies that react with each other in a special and high-level skills with a special kind caused by antigenic in microbes.
Antibodies fused with cells specific T-lymphocytes with a perfect union, together with antigenic to fight microbes, so microbes can not work as well as destroy.
With so immunity is an immunity specific to confront any foreign animal taken into the body. Each disease is medication accordingly. To our knowledge, up to now in this world there is not a material that has a composition, with specialization able to free from the causes of various diseases as well as heal and work as immunity system, apart from black cumin. Therefore, we dare say that black cumin is the only system that has the basic ability to cure all kinds of diseases, as literal and convincing.

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